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Thank you for visiting our web site.  We are continually adding content.  Please check back often.  We appreciate any suggestions that you may have. 

Boy Scout Troop 511
6 Lexington St.
Burlington, MA 01803

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Yes...we have 'em!!

Not only do we have Merit Badge Counselors for all the Eagle Scout required badges, but we have counselors for:

Automotive Maintenance

Coin Collecting

Composite Materials




Model Design and Building



and many more. Please contact us by e-mail to be referred to one of our counselors.

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Boy Scout Troop 511 Eagle Scouts

Celebrating over 50 Eagle Scouts since 1931

Congratulations to Our Latest Eagle Scout

Roger Poirier - 2017

Since the beginning of time the Eagle has been a symbol of royalty, power, victory, authority, and valor. Through all of history, the Eagle has been the symbol of man's best, now the Eagle is the symbol of Scouting's Best.

Early 1940’s      Donald Morrison

1948                     Donald Sleeper

1950                     W. Harris Engabroadt

1958                      Harvey Ames

1961                      Frank Bartlett & Russell Spencer

1976                      David, Mark, & William Gravina

1979                     Robert Anderson Jr. & Mark Greenlaw

1981                      Thomas Ray

1988                     Dana Brown & Leonard Hodgkins

1989                     Walter Bullock

1990                    Matthew Hodgkins & Nathan Pattison

1991                     Gary Blanchard & Michael Espejo

1992                     Michael Cross, Joseph Harrington III, Adam DiChiara, Benjamin Harrower, Jeffery Mahoney

1996                     James Boughman, Jason DiChiara, Greg Robinson

1998                     Matthew Davy, Joshua Boughman, Donovan Dodge, Eric & Shawn Turnquist

1999                  Michael Doyle

2001                Michael Flynn, Todd Higden, Brian Hooper, William Trelegan

2003                Craig Myra

2004                Marcus Peterson

2005                Dan Ricardelli, Brian Burk

2006                Matthew Doyle, Marc Young, Kenny Peterson, Brian Riggs, Vance Huntoon, Nick Cappello, Jon Cappello, Christopher Vercollone, Gregory Chludzinski

2007                Matt Arsenault, Carl Radice

2008                Timothy McLaughlin, Jason Chludzinski, Ronny Chatterjee

2010                William Ryan, Walker Peterson

2011               Cory WilkinsRoss Griffin

2017               William Corrigan, Roger Poirier, Daniel Grattan